Pierre Rabhi Endowment Fund

« Together, let's promote agroecology,
an agronomical process and also a code of ethics for life »

To promote
and develop agroecology

To create ecological
pedagogical and intergenerational
living spaces

To provide
operational assistance

« I wished to create an Endowment Fund to answer the numerous requests for help and support which we receive.

The vocation of this fund is not to be a substitute to the existing structures which fulfill their tasks, but its ambition is to give a quick and efficient answer to projects having close ties with agroecology.We have to be able to go on spreading agroecology, an agronomical technique but also a code of ethics for life and in order to reach our aim, we need financial ressources standing for the collective energy which allows us «to help to help », or to go on with actions of training in agroecology or change in the existing agricultural techniques in the North or the South.

Here is my full and complete commitment to mankind and nature »

Pierre Rabhi


From a legal point of view, in France, an Endowment Fund is ruled by Private Law (used for foundations and associations). It is a like an individual, its aim is not to make benefits. An Endowment Fund is enabled to receive and manage goods, rights of any kind which are given freely and irrevocable, by bequest, notarized or manual settlement. The board of directors has regular meetings and examines every case before deciding if it can help, how and how much. The gifts can be deductible from income tax or corporate tax.

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