Agroecology diffusion (Navajo Territory USA)

Association Navajo France

USA, France


Founded about 20 years ago by Lorenza Garcia, strong ties have been woven between France and the Government of the Navajo Nation. During summer camps, French youngsters have had the opportunity to discover the characteristic features of the Navajo culture and the Navajo people to discover France. The ANF campaigns for the use of agroecology in Navajo territory. The documentary film « Navajo Songline », by Lorenza Garcia and Bruno Vienne in 2017, was helped by the Fund. This roadmovie aims at discovering the thought of the Navajo people from the inside.
In 2016 with the help of Réseau Agroecologistes Sans frontières a mission defined the development of agroecology on the Navajo territory.

Pierre Rabhi ‘s account:
« As they make their way on the « path of beauty » the Navajos, like others « primitive » people are the essential witnesses of a notion of life our humanity will need more and more if it doesn’t want to sink. Knowing them more and helping them is useful, that ‘s why we supported the association Navajo France on this project. »