Village with integral ecology (Maaden, Mauritania)

Maaden : a model village on its way



The Endowment Fund still helps Maurice Freund to develop sustainable tourism in Mauritania, and it also wants to build the ‘model village’ Pierre Rabhi has been wishing for years. We chose Maaden, near Atar in a Saharan oasis, a village led for more than 40 years by a soufi brotherhood.
Several defined missions have been started since the beginning of 2018 with the local population : how to start agroecology in the existing cultures , how to grow new plants, use new techniques, the supply of solar drilling pumps, improvement of the existing structures, help to develop women- run coops, improvement of the medical center, school support. A longterm ambitious and priority project, which should become more important in the future.

Pierre Rabhi’s account:
My commitment in Africa for years has not always been easy, far from it, but the result is a reliable experience. Our ambition with this self- reliant ecological village is it becomes a source of inspiration and a model ofwhat can be undertaken for anyone anywhere.