Protection and promotion of peasant farming

Biodiversité Échange et Diffusion d’Expérience – BEDE

Inde, France

Founded in 1994, this association contributes to the protection and promotion of farmer agricultures : linked with about 50 organizations, it supports all iniatives respectful of « what is alive » : information, creation of a network.. .BEDE is involved in helping farmer organizations to be more efficient through workshops, meetings between farmers, researchers, and members of the civil society from countries in Europe, the Maghreb and Western Africa . It also offers educational aids. Idriss Diabaté, a documentary film-maker from the Ivory Coast and Robert Brac de la Perrière have made a film (« Eloge des mils, l’héritage africain») about mil and sorgho, the most important cereals in Sahel, threatened by the « world food ». A second film : « the praise of mils » is being made, focused on India. This project was helped by the Fund in 2017.