Seed heritage conservation

The movement of “Women for seeds”

France, Haïti, Moldavia

It was created in 2011 by Claire Chanut. The goal of the « Movement Women for seeds » is to help all those who have projects to reproduce and keep seeds all over the world .
A first financial help was granted for an exhibit whose aim was to make citizens aware of the problem of reproducing seeds and willing to participate. In 2017, the Fund co-financed an agroecological program in Fond-Janette in Haiti. It works with the emergency help brought during the crisis in the camps of displaced inhabitants. Its aim is to help these families living in an extreme poverty to be self reliant for food : use of compost and natural insecticide, various plants, creation of a fruit-tree-nursery to have new orchards.163 families are concerned with his project.
In 2017, another project for the creation of a local seeds « bank » was financed in Moldavia .