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Pierre Rabhi


A French farmer, philosopher and writer of Algerian origin, Pierre Rabhi is one of the pioneers of agroecology and has founded several organizations.

He is also the author of numerous books, including Paroles de Terre (Albin Michel), Du Sahara aux Cévennes (Albin Michel), Graines de Possibles, co-authored with Nicolas Hulot (Calmann-Lévy), The Power of restraint heureuse (Actes Sud-Babel), Pierre Rabhi, semeur d’espoirs with Olivier Le Naire (Actes Sud), Le monde a-t-il un sens? with Jean-Marie Pelt (Fayard) and La puissance de la modération (Hozhoni 2015). Pierre Rabhi advocates for a paradigm shift, ways of living that are more respectful of people and the Earth, and the development of agricultural practices that are accessible to everyone, especially the poor, while ensuring the preservation of food heritage and the free circulation of seeds.

Bernard Chevilliat


“A biologist, beekeeper, then today publisher and journalist, I have been in Ardeche for 40 years.

In 1983, I founded MELVITA, an organic and ecological brand of cosmetics and more recently « Editions Hozhoni » and the book-magazine « ULTREÏA ». I have been a friend of Pierre Rabhi for many years. Trustee of Terre et Humanisme for 6 years, I was involved in 2013 in the creation of the Endowment Fund which succeeded to the Pierre Rabhi Foundation in order to enhance the field of possibility in the heart of the numerous structures my friend has created.”

Nûriël Lux-Chevilliat


“I was born in Ardeche in a country family. I have known Pierre since I was a kid and I share his ideas of changing society.

I am also a co-founder of MELVITA and « Editions Hozhoni ». With my husband, I was also involved in the creation of the important school Salama-Excellence of Almoustapha Tambo in Agadez, Nigeria. Co-founder of the Endowment Fund, I am enthusiastic to participate in the developping process of all the projects.”

Patrice de Colmont


“I am in charge of a restaurant, « Club 55 » in Ramatuelle in the south of France, a family business founded by my parents in 1955, a little bit by accident, they were both ethnologists…

My love and respect for our Mother- Earth led me to become an agricultural farmer at the « Domaine des Bouis» and later at the « Domaine de la Mole » where we grow vineyards, olive trees, fruit and vegetables. After reading an article in a magazine where Pierre explained he had a relationship of conflict with modernity, I discovered him and read all his books ! This was the most important meeting in my life. At least, someone who shared my ideas ! Later I was lucky to welcome him in Ramatuelle with joy and happiness. Following the wonderful lecture he gave in a filled up hall we spent the evening together and when he left the next morning, we were like brothers who had just met again. The statutes of the Endowment Fund were signed soon after. The wonderful mission of the Fund was on its way and could start : recognizing our lack of awareness, transmitting Pierre’s philosophy leading to happy moderation.”

Maurice Freund


“At the end of the 1960’s I created, with some friends, an airline coop « Le Point Mulhouse » for immigrant workers and simple tourists.

Some pretend it was the first low cost airline ! It became, later, « Le Point Afrique » and I made it obvious that fair trade tourism is possible if all the benefits are used on the spot in ethic and sustainable development by and for the inhabitants. I met Pierre Rabhi in the 1980’s in Burkina Faso. We worked together, in a training school at Gorom –Gorom where local farmers could learn the basis of agroecology and I think I can say I’ve been part of the first circle of Pierre’s friends for the last thirty years, my true brother in soul and heart. I am very happy to be a member of the Endowment Fund, willing to help as I’ve been doing for decades !”

Max Tortel


“I met Pierre Rabhi in the early 2000’s, thanks to our friend Josette Amor. Michel Valentin was there too : the subject was the creation of an agroecological center.

A few years later « Les Amanins » were opened. In 2007, I decided to quit my job to get involved in a business of transforming and distributing organic food. I had been my own boss for 30 years in financial engineering and patrimony management. When I was 62, after having yielded my activities in organic food to two of my children, I raise pigs, in the open air, in Aix en Provence. My professional and personnal life have been influenced by meeting Pierre, Michel Valentin and Isabelle Desplats, co-founder of Les Colibris and that’s why, I tried to « do my part » in being involved in the creation of the local group « Les Colibris » in Aix en Provence, in « Terre & Humanisme » and then joining the team of the Endowment Fund.”

Caroline Bourret


“After having studied history archeology and cultural heritage at the university of Aix en Provence, I came back to Ardèche, my chilhood ground, in 2009.

I met Pierre and his team a little bit by chance…. a few months later I became his personal assistant. At that time, I hadn’t read any of his books, but we learnt to know and trust each other .We got along fine quickly and today, we are complementary ! I am in charge of the administrative part of the Endowment Fund and Pierre’s calendar. I am lucky to have a great job which enables me to meet very different outstanding persons, to know and try to understand better our world.”

They also participated in the creation of the Pierre Rabhi Endowment Fund and worked with us :

Josette AMOR, Laurent BOUQUET et Jean-Daniel REY

” Refusing to give up is being free, to act in order to mobilize all the energies in one action of resistance in favour of the earth, sharing and equity. ”

Pierre Rabhi